Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rockstar Supernova

So... we're slacking and haven't done a show in forever and we haven't even posted since May. I guess if we ever get around to doing another show, there's gonna be LOTS to talk about! Jacque is in a frothy state of bliss currently... Amy has been working on her art... I had some freelance stuff and then, well.. whatever, just busy stuff. Plus, with The Office on holiday until September we haven't been getting together regularly for awhile.
Rockstar Supernova might be bringing us together every week... so maybe some shows could come out of that... We'll see.
Speaking of Rockstar Supernova, Dilana is AMAZING!!!!! I'll tell you what, I loved Motley Crue back in the day. But I haven't given a rat's ass about them or Tommy Lee in a long time. But if Dilana wins and becomes the lead singer for the band, I will buy the album and see them live... and I'll do with absolute giddiness and glee. I LOVE that woman! I could watch her sing all day long and never get bored. If she doesn't win, then that show is rigged. There's no one else on there that comes close to her.
Well, anyway....

That's all for now.

Anyone know anything about how to NOT get screwed over when purchasing a new vehicle? I need help.


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