Friday, May 05, 2006

Part 2 Crazy Adam

Hello all, yes we have been slackers, and I promise we will try to do better..... but for now let's talk about sex, ah ha got your attention, no we are not going to be talking about sex, but instead crazy people, and more importantly a crazy person named Adam..... It was a typical Thursday morning, running late for work as usual. Margot picks me up, we car pool. We decide to stop at a local coffee house to grab breakfast and coffee on our way to work. I follow Margot in, she goes to the counter and this crazy tall guy with a high pitched voice gets out of his chair and looks at me with a big smile and says hey how are you, like he knows me, so me not wanting to be rude, say hi back and then go about my business, well he say hey cool tattoo what is it of, I guess he saw part of my tattoo on my lower back, so I tell him it's a waterfall in a butterfly, and he ask to see it. So I quickly show him. Then he goes to tell me that he is considering getting a temporary tattoo, and I am thinking what is there to consider about getting a temporary tattoo, maybe think about a real one...... so I am doing the back up thing and start to go get my coffee, but he starts to follow and says wait there is something very important I need to show you... he takes out his wallet and hands me a business card of a tattoo parlor, down the road near this Local Burger joint, that does real and temporary tattoos. He started tell me directions, I am barely even looking at the card. And then he takes it back from me like I was going to keep it, so I see my chance say that's nice and walk off to get my coffee, then he says what's your name, so I say Amy, yeah I know bad judgment call..... I am standing over fixing my coffee when I hear someone yelling my name I turn around and it's that guys saying "I'm Adam" while pointing to himself, I say that's great and return to fixing my coffee. As I am walking over to pay, he come over and tells me he wants a dragon, not a real dragon, he assures me, but a temporary tattoo a dragon, like the dragon from Mortal Combat, he says have you seen that movie and I say know, share a look with the cashier who gives me a look like yeah that is crazy Adam, we deal with him all the time, sorry. I finally make it out to the car, and Margot says who was your friend, I say I have no idea, and Margot says what you did not know him... Anyways I just wanted to let everyone know if something like this happens to you just start screaming tadpoles a winner!


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