Monday, March 13, 2006

Good-bye, Cynthia!

It's been a while since any of us at SZ have posted anything, much less bothered to record a show. Hopefully that will change in the near future. And hopefully the much anticipated stereo microphone for the 5G iPod will become available, hence making the recording process much more easily accessible. Basically, we will just do shows from the car on our drive home from work. So definitely stay tuned for that excitement. (I'm trying to sound sarcastic, actually)
And what is happening with the infamous Jacque the Cat Boy? Who knows. He stays plugged into the Matrix these days. He FINALLY bought a Mac Notebook. And of course this mean that with the fabulous wireless internet he now has, he's morphing in and out of coffee shops, eating up all the free internet. You might find him curled up in a corner, hovering nose-to-screen, looking a little evil. It's not really evil, it's just all the Stevie Nicks downloads.
So, anyway... we're obviously neglecting things in the blog department... There's probably been plenty going on that we could have been talking about. But one thing definitely stands out in our minds right now: Special K, aka Cynthia, was fired from her lofty job last week. We were all amazed it took that long to finally happen.

So listen up, Sparkle bitches... The higher you climb, the farther you'll fall. Only, I guess if you're a Sparkle you didn't have to climb. You probably just got handed a wonderful opportunity on a platter. But those of us down here with real talent are tired of the view up your nasty pink mini skirt. You need to shave if you're going to wear shit that short... And we will find ways to point out that you're really just for the fakes and not for the realz... Watch it!

Toodles, Cynthia. Maybe you can get back your old job as a cashier at Wally World.

Screaming Zilch


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did you guys start calling her Cynthia?

11:00 AM  
Blogger Screaming Zilch said...

Amy noted one fine day that Special K's hair gave her a high resemblance to the "Cynthia" doll from the cartoon Rugrats.

Google it if you don't know.


1:09 PM  

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