Monday, February 06, 2006

Madam Poo's Corner of Hate

There's this Chinese restaurant within walking distance of my place...
Let's call it "Madam Poo's." Captain OrangePants and I thought we'd
have some General Tso's Chicken (for him) and Mixed Veg & special
sauce for me (anti-carnivore). But NOOOOOO. Madam Poo herself had
some kind of opposition to letting me order anything that wasn't
a double order. She was all, "Noooo, two order! Two order, for
two pehrsahns." Ok, my Chinese immitation is bad, and typing it is
worse... But she absolutely would not let me order any one "pehrsahn"
entrees. Is this typical? WTF? She was totally raising her voice at
me, which caused all the people dining to turn around to see who was trying
to rape the hostess. Geez, lady. Did I say something wrong by ordering
single portions? I thought most places catered to the single-person
eating experience. I was just sure that any minute she was going to
crawl out from behind her little reception podium/desky thing and
what would be revealed would be something akin to the crazy/scary
half snakey/dragon lady from "The Golden Child." Ah, Eddy Murphy...
"Only a man who's ass is narrow can walk down this hall..." Oh, wait...
I'm heading off towards a tangent...
Anyhow... Point is...

Madam Poo.

She ah SKAH-ree Bee-yatch.

the end.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Hey everyone, well I have stayed sober, still on the wagon, still not not craving alcohol just yet. The lyrics to "WOKE UP DRUNK AGAIN" are coming along, my friend Alica, Jacque the Cat Boy and I have started writing the song, and Zach will be providing the music for the song. And I will also be providing the illustrations for the music video, so when it's finished and posted it will be a nice little bit of eye candy for you. Anyways while we were writing the lyrics I was asking, "when you are not drinking, are you on or off the wagon?" I always get those two confused, cause to me the wagon seems like it would be a lot more fun with beer. Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully in the next few weeks "WOKE UP DRUNK AGAIN" will be posted. Love your faces

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I'm #4!

I am officially a member of the Dawn and Drew Minion Army! I'm #4!

Put that in your pope and spike it!

Blog Pot?

Look what happens if you accidentally don't type in our website address correctly.

Oh, that is tooooooo funny!

that is all.